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ISN-DOPPS Webinar January 28, 2021

ISN-DOPPS Webinar: New insights into CKD-MBD in hemodialysis: recent findings from the International DOPPS

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is commonly associated with disorders of mineral and bone metabolism, manifested by either one or a combination of abnormalities of calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone (PTH), abnormalities in bone turnover, mineralization, volume linear growth, or strength and extraskeletal calcification. Each of these abnormalities is associated with high mortality rates, primarily from cardiovascular complications. Following the introduction of the term CKD-MBD, various clinical practice guidelines have recommended laboratory targets and therapeutic approaches aimed at ameliorating the consequences of this systemic disorder. This session will review recent data from the DOPPS study showing how these disorders present in different geographies and clinical settings and their impact on clinical outcomes.

Learning Objectives:
1.) Describe how CKD-MBD present at dialysis start and how this affects the development of hyperparathyroidism
2.) CKD-MBD management and biomarkers during the initial years on dialysis
3.) Discuss the impact of phosphorus control on clinical outcomes


To register click here: https://www.theisn.org/in-action/education/webinars/isn-dopps-webinar-new-insights-ckd-mbd-hemodialysis/


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