Research Data

Many of the data elements in the DOPPS have been collected consistently since the start of the study in 1996. Harmonized data collection has been implemented in PDOPPS and CKDopps. A high-level overview of data elements include:

  • demographics (country, age, sex, race, ethnicity)
  • medical history (health conditions, symptoms, tobacco exposure, pre-end stage renal disease care, insurance status)
  • medication prescriptions
  • physical measures (weight, blood pressure)
  • dialysis history (vintage [length of time on dialysis], prescription, vascular and peritoneal access placement, procedures and complications)
  • laboratory values (anemia, iron, bone mineral metabolism, markers of inflammation, cardiac biomarkers, urine studies)
  • outcomes (mortality, transplantation, hospitalizations, infections, cardiovascular events)
  • patient-centered outcomes (quality of life, mental health, physical activity, satisfaction with care)
  • dialysis facility and nephrology (CKD) clinic characteristics (staffing resources, practice policies, access to services)

The DOPPS database and study infrastructure are a unique platform for undertaking novel research. To make the best possible use of this important resource, the DOPPS Steering Committee encourages investigators, whether or not previously affiliated with the DOPPS, to submit proposals for collaboration and ancillary studies. Please click here to learn more about collaborative and ancillary studies.